User reminders

Sometimes you might be in your favourite IRC channel and quickly want to be reminded of something at a later time. A few minutes? Maybe a few days? Korobi Reminders are simple to use and precise down to the second; sending you reminders exactly on time with your message.

Usage: .remind [-w <who>] <when> <reminder...>

To get started using reminders you can hop on into a Korobi channel with reminders enabled and type .remind 1m Isn't this awesome?! to setup your first reminder. In the case that reminders are disabled, Korobi will inform you.

The following table displays all possible time units which can be used for the <when> argument:

Time unit Description Example
s Second 1s
m Minute 1m
h Hour 1h
d Day 1d
w Week 1w
mo Month 1mo

Any combination of units may be used to construct a reminder e.g. .remind 1s1m1h 1 Second 1 Minute 1 Hour has passed.

Remind others

You can remind other users on the same channel by using the -w flag followed by the target’s name. For example .remind -w SupaHam 1m You're still SupaHam will set a reminder by you for the user SupaHam that will be sent a minute later.